Kim Kardashian in style at reunion secondary school

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Kim Kardashian is one of the largest with an old hospital wheelchair of the moment, but also she has ever had in high school. Friday she had a reunion, after the twenty years ago was that her exams had taken. And there she went, of course, in style.

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Especially for herself and her friends she had a partybus rented them to Marymount High School. For the ride it had Kim all her yearbooks included, so they still could browse. In terms of outfit she had selected a short, white dress with a huge deep decolloté. But Kim escaped, not that there is a name card pinned had to be…

On Snapchat let Kim and her fans to share in the reunion. So to see how selfies made with old classmates and let them scheidkundelokaal. “This is the room in which showed that I am very bad in chemistry”, as she tells her followers.

Totally at ease, was Kim yet, not when the school ran. “My friends and I worry that we encounter people against whom we are not kind. But I have a clean conscience, I was always nice to everyone.”

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