Kill by explosion in Gaza strip

GAZA – An explosion in the south of the Gaza strip, four Palestinian militants, claimed the lives. They are believed to have perished by an accident with explosives. The incident took place near the city of Rafah. The Palestinian authorities to confirm the number of dead.

According to residents, the victims, members of the radical movement Islamic Jihad. The group said in a statement know to mourn “his fighters” during “preparations” are killed. It is usually the victims who are killed by their own weapons accidentally afgingen.

Workers were in the first instance, know that the explosion is the result of an Israeli tank shell hitting was, but the army of Israel spoke against. “The Israeli defense (IDF) is not aware of IDF attacks in the area around Rafah,” said a spokesman.

The last two weeks in the Gaza strip, more than thirty people were killed. Palestinian protesters started at the initiative of the radical islamic Hamas with protests on the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of the foundation of the state of Israel. Against the protesters by Israel hard occurred.

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