Hope for miracle for missing billionaire

ZERMATT – Rescuers in the Swiss Alps in vain in all possible places searched, where ceo Karl-Erivan Haub of the German Tengelmann group may lie. They now hope that the German billionaire by chance by someone is found. Only when the snow has melted can again a targeted search to take place, notify the police of the canton of Valais.

Karl-Erivan Haub (archive view).

Rescue services no longer talk of a rescue operation, but of a bergingsoperatie where less risk is taken. Also his family has the hope to let go of that Haub is still alive. The chief disappeared last week during a ski trip on the Klein Matterhorn. He returned that afternoon back in the hotel in Zermatt.

Haub state since 2000 at the helm of Tengelmann, owner of German diy stores. He is one of the richest people in Germany.

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