Haley: USA ’ready to go’ at poison gas attack

da22594d0bbfbf7d7bbc6affc80720e4 - Haley: USA ’ready to go’ at poison gas attack

NEW YORK – The United States are willing to re-action if the Syrian government chemical weapons use. That suggested the American UN-ambassador Nikki Haley during a session of the UN Security council.

Nikki Haley

Haley said that her country considers the Syrian chemischewapensprogramma a heavy stroke inflicted. The diplomate hinting that the U.S. if necessary, re-intervene. “If the Syrian regime with this poison gas again, the United States is ready to go.”

The Russian envoy expressed fierce criticism on the attack on Syria. Vasili Nebenzja suggested that the Americans and their allies, the international law on their boot rags. They would be the Security council to ignore, and thus the authority of the institution to undermine. In addition, according to the diplomat, is no proof that a chemical attack is carried out in Douma.

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