Guardiola believes that Manchester City’s title yet can lose to United

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Josep Guardiola is still not assured a national championship with Manchester City, even though his team onbedreigd at the top of the Premier League. The 47-year-old coach sees Manchester United still as a dangerous competitor.

City has up to thirteen points more than fellow-townsman United and there are still six rounds on the program. Still think Guardiola that his team still can run.

“In football, everything can happen, so that”, assured the Spaniard in conversation with the BBC. “I read all since november that we have the championship within have and can’t be beat. Yet, we have the last three games lost.”

City went down this month in the Champions League in both kwartfinalewedstrijden against Liverpool down and also the cracker last week in the league against United was lost (2-3), so the title is still not a fact.

Guardiola is impressed by the team of manager José Mourinho. “United has great players and put in good shape, so I expect that they their last six matches, all win. Fortunately, we have everything in our own hands; that is an important advantage.”


City this weekend, even though a second option to the national championship to win, even though that chance is not large. The leader must be Saturday night itself win at Tottenham Hotspur (kick-off 20.45 hours), and United may Sunday in your own home no points tackle against West Bromwich Albion (kick-off 17.00).

If City this weekend to win, but not win, then the formation of Guardiola about a week to a thuiszege Swansea City enough to be the fifth national championship in the clubhistorie to conquer.

Guardiola tries to get his team in the meantime especially sharp. “I tell all times tell my players that it is not yet decided, and my team doesn’t play as if the battle for the championship title is already over. We need to just focus on the next matches and do what we the whole season, all to do: to perform under pressure.”

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