Four Palestinian militants to come in explosion in Gaza

The Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad has confirmed that four of its members were killed in an explosion in the Gaza strip. It would be a mistake. Earlier, the Israeli army has been accused of, but denied something immediately with the explosion.

In a declaration claimed the Palestijjse militant group Islamic Jihad that it is ” in mourning for its fighters as martyrs died during preparations’. That wording is often used when someone is killed in an accidental explosion of weaponry or explosives.

The ministry of Health in Gaza confirmed that the four victims fell. Nurses on the spot in Rafah suggested originally that the explosion was the work of the Israeli army.

A spokesman of the Israeli army denied, however, immediately: “Despite the messages of the round, the Israeli army is not aware that there by our troops firing at each other is in the vicinity of Rafah.’

Tempers blaze in Gaza since protests on the border with Israel started on 30 march. Since then, shots of Israeli soldiers for 31 Palestinians dead, hundreds of others were injured.

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