First tens dealt in It Takes 2

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The jury of the duettenshow It Takes 2 this evening the first tens of this season handed out. YouTuber Dionne Slagter got the highest score of judge Gerard Ekdom for her duet Love Runs Out Di-rect-singer Marcel Veenendaal. Jury member Angela Groothuizen, gave her first ten on FunX-dj and presenter Eva Cleven for her duet Only One Night with Romy Monteiro.

Mika van Leeuwen fell at the end of the fourth episode of the RTL4 show. After singing Perfect by Ed Sheeran was the make-upartist in the danger zone and ended up with the Flemish Evi Hansen and Marieke Elsinga. The audience in the studio decided that Evi and Mary next week allowed to return. For Marieke, it was already the third time that they are the danger zone survived.

The jury found three eights still positive about the rendition of Perfect by Mika and Romy Monteiro. Ronnie Flex said about the performance of Mika: “You have very strong sung by the whole number. From the chorus of a nail you are really, I think. It was also the first time that you didn’t have to dance or a performance, had to give away. Therefore came your voice really well to his right. You have yourself repacked after last week.”

Dionne and Eva-to-head

“You surprised me, really,” said Gerard Ekdom against Mika. “You surprised me here. I believed what you sang. You seemed very as a singer and not a hair more. Your hairbrush seemed to be a microphone. You seemed to be in love with Romy.” Dionne Slagter and Eva Cleven ended up at the top of the standings in a tie for first place. The other remaining candidates are actor Leo Alkemade and entertainer Jörgen Developing.

In the episode of next week to sing the famous Dutch with a duet with a guest.

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