Excited Lawyer Sunday in conversation with peer Kramer

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Dick Advocaat wants Sunday a hearty word to speak with Michiel Kramer. The Sparta striker got Saturday a red card in the 7-0 loss away from home against Vitesse.

The 29-year-old Kramer planted after an air duel with the studs of his football boots seemingly deliberately in the face of Vitesse-full-Alexander Büttner and should directly inrukken of referee Kevin Blom.

“But you saw what that Vitesse player did?”, says Lawyer with FOX Sports, referring to an alleged elbow from Büttner. “It wasn’t good what Kramer did, but what Büttner did not. I have nothing against Michiel said. We will discuss it tomorrow with him and the board.”

Büttner was only given a yellow card for his part in the disturbance attracts that then arose. Vitesse led at that time, in the 45th moment, all with 3-0. After the rest were the people from arnhem easy to 7-0.

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Lawyer was quite excited after detonating in the Gelredome. “This reminds me a lot”, says the Hague veteran, that Sparta is trying to maintain for the Premier league. “We were clearly the lesser, and after one minute, we were already behind. Also here, we need to get through it.”

“Vitesse has us on all fronts afgetroefd. We had not, it was a concatenation of mistakes,” says Lawyer dissatisfied. “Fortunately, we have Wednesday already had the opportunity to take revenge.”

Playing Sparta, which is now the second-to-last place with four points lead on hekkensluiter FC Twente, at home against NAC Breda. Lawyer: “We know that we’re in the home games should do this.”

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