Dotan filleted on social media

On Twitter, it is Dotan Saturday a trending topic. People are afraid of not getting their unsalted opinions and the dragon to cross with the singer, after a survey showed that his image has been trying to boost by means of messages of ’nepfans’ on social media.

This is one of the destructive responses: “Bizarre story. Dotan exposed as total l*l who seem to goes for the fame. Give yourself just ten minutes to get him to puke.”

Another thinks a connection with the concerts that he of the week afzegde: “So embarrassing that it becomes painful. Also believe that this is the true reason of cancellation of concerts 2 days ago.”

There is also a striking old tweet of Dotan itself out. In december 2017, he wrote: “Since when has a job become to large to be on social media’. I mean, good if it works because you inspires people or that it happens through hard work and talent, but it seems like people, there anything to get ’Insta-famous’. It makes me sad.”

Below is a selection of some notable tweets:

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