Comments on attack in Syria

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ANKARA – The Turkish government has, the US-led attack on Syrian targets Saturday hailed as a measured response to the alleged poison gas attack a week earlier. That the ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ankara let me know. Turkey supports radical sunni fighters in the war against the regime of president Assad.

The U.S., France and Great Britain prevailed in the night from Friday to Saturday, missile strikes on targets in Syria. They argue that this is a retribution for the poison gas attack a week ago in the then by Syrian forces surrounded Douma. Damascus and Moscow argue that there was a poison gas attack took place and that it is a propagandastunt of opponents of the Syrian president Assad went.

The UN investigators of Syria sent to check whether there is actually a poison-gas attack has been. They should Saturday go to work in Douma.

Iran condemns attack on ally

Iran has the missile attacks of the Americans, British and French in Syria strongly condemned. Tehran called it a gross violation of international law and of the sovereignty of Syria.

Tehran is also against chemical weapons, but that theme should not be misused as an excuse for a military attack on a member of the UN, according to the Iranian ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Sjiitisch Iran supports the government of president Assad. Assad who is not a sunni, is seen as a crucial ally in the region in the fight against, among others, sunni extremists. Iran also hopes via Syria, the pressure on Israel.

Last week, still led Israel missile attacks on a Syrian base where the Iranians are stationed. Iran also supports the Lebanese shiite movement Hezbollah, which plays a crucial role in the fight against Regime enemies. The movement stated Saturday that the American war against Syria, the region and against the resistance movement” will fail.

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