Comedian Jeroen Wed finds himself social, has become after the age of thirty

Jeroen Wed find it “sincere” like ” to be social. “It is only after my thirtieth happened, but the world has opened to me.”

Also is Wed much more confident of herself, he tells Saturday in PS het Parool. “I tend to find myself very void to feel, maybe that’s why I also such unstoppable drive I have to make things,” says Wu. “I find myself utterly uninteresting, if anything I have made I can at least say: ‘Look there, but to.'”

“In the past, if we are in a theater, came, spoke, Niels (van der Laan, ed.) always with the schouwburgdirecteur and I stood silently by, as a kind of idiot. There ashamed of I with retroactive effect huge to – do once normal, man, can’t you just have fun doing it! But I couldn’t really muster. Now, I find it fun, I think other people also really quite entertaining.”


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