Ayoub: “From 1 July gun I Feyenoord everything’

UTRECHT – At the home match against his future club Feyenoord was there this season applause from the Rotterdam fans for Yassin Ayoub, but the midfielder of FC Utrecht tomorrow, not for a open cloth to The Cockpit, but for the three points. “We go for the fourth place and we need to win” reveals Ayoub.

FC Utrecht midfielder Yassin Ayoub

The creative midfielder put in January signed at Feyenoord, calculated in the club FC Utrecht currently fights for the fourth place that a ticket for the second qualifying round of the Europa League brings. A situation where Ayoub it is not that difficult.

“I’m just going to my work do for FC Utrecht and they know it at Feyenoord as well. It’s a responsibility that I must take. I want my contract at FC Utrecht neatly uitdienen and then it goes there not for or a Yassin Ayoub-show is going to be, but that FC Utrecht is the highest possible and that is Europa League football. In the game, I’m also full of gas gone. From July 1 I am player of Feyenoord and gun I take them all the points. Currently, I look with an eye to Feyenoord, but not if they are against FC Utrecht play.”

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