Assad: West fog control and credibility

DAMASCUS – The West is all influence and credibility lost in the conflict in the Middle East, and argued, therefore, but a missile strike on Syria under the leadership of the USA. This said, the Syrian president Assad in response to attacks on his country in the night from Friday to Saturday.

Emmanuel Macron (left), Donald Trump (middle) and Theresa May (right).

According to Assad to deter him not,the fight against terrorism in every nook and cranny of Syria to continue” and the terrorists to beat. The main combat groups that Regime regime in the seven-year-long civil war threaten are sunni extremists. Among the rebels near Damascus strongholds have are those of Islamic State and of Jaish al-Islam (Army of Islam). The fighters of Jaish al-Islam Saturday in their stronghold of Douma abandoned and in consultation with Russia in buses to the North of Syria gone.

In Douma, there were 7 april, reports of a gifgasgasaanval that the western attacks have led.

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