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And or Antwerp derby lives: 1.500 fans encourage Antwerp to last workout

Tomorrow, for the first time in eight years the Antwerp clash between Antwerp and Beerschot Wilrijk on the program. A day before the confrontation took 1.500 Antwerp-fans on for the last open training session on the Pitch. When the players half an hour later than planned, the field entered they were treated to a deafening applause and Bengali fire set the stands ablaze. “We are not Rats”, sounded it from more than a thousand mouths. That promises for tomorrow.

For a lot of fans on the Pitch, this is a contest with a special meaning. Win of Beerschot Wilrijk would be the lack of Play-Off 1 for a large part. The fans believe in, but also hope that coach Laszlo Bölöni and its players as much value to the derby, and tomorrow afternoon triple will work.

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