’71 of the 103 rockets intercepted’

MOSCOW/PARIS – The Syrian air defences, 71 of the 103 missiles that western countries in the night from Friday to Saturday afvuurden intercepted. This set the Russian armed forces who has a great admiration showed for at least thirty years old anti-aircraft from the time of the Soviet Union with a basis in Dumayr, northeast of Damascus, all twelve incoming missiles from the air would have shot.

The scientific research center and laboratory in Barzeh is heavily damaged by the attack.

The Russian air defenses in Syria is not used, because the western attackers carefully avoided Russians to take. The Kremlin is now considering, however, the Syrian anti-aircraft batteries continue to modernise with more advanced missile defences.


The western powers that targets in Syria attacked, reported to be satisfied that all of their projectiles, however, target found. According to president Trump everything exactly as planned and carried out. According to Paris and his twelve French missiles fired, all of which strike it. Under the missiles were cruise missiles of a type that, for the first time from French naval vessels was fired.

It is not quite clear what the Americans, the French and the British as a target had been chosen. Most of the rocket attacks are to have been performed on two American ships in the Red Sea. The support and the attack would be carried out from the base al-Tanf, over 200 kilometers east of Damascus, and from the Mediterranean, including the British base on Cyprus. At al-Tanf in 2014 a Us base set up for the coalition against Islamic State.


There are three targets specifically mentioned, a scientific research center and laboratory in Barzeh, northeast of Damascus, an armory west of the city of Homs and a command post not far from the same town. But Russian and Syrian sources, also reported the air base in al-Dumayr as a target.

According to eyewitnesses, is also a headquarters of the fighters of the Lebanese shiite movement Hezbollah in Quseir, near the Lebanese border, hit. Syrian observers also reported attacks at a base of the elite northwest of Damascus and a military base southwest of Damascus.

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