Ziyech: ‘PSV is more of a team than we are’

Hakim Ziyech will see this season is a difference between ‘his’ Ajax, and the leader PSV.

Hakim Ziyech

“PSV know how to win matches that we do not know how to win,” said Ziyech in conversation with FOX Sports. “I said previously that that happiness was, but as it so often happened, no luck. I think that mental strength is also a role in their plays. PSV is still a lot more of a team than we are. That shows the difference.”
“It is not a constant season been,” concluded the playmaker. “Ajax not and I don’t. I have also had to deal with lesser stages this season. There are always periods where you feel worse. In talk respect there are still plenty of things that I can improve. I am working on it, but sometimes stagneer I got there a little bit. The last few weeks, it goes again very well.”

The Locals are heading for a championship and can the job Sunday to finish against Ajax, that already almost the whole season in the chase. “It is up to us to take the power back. Then we have to hope that they can still points are,” says Ziyech. “It will be an interesting contest. As long as it is not final, you must continue to believe. There are in the football gekkere things happened.”


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