West reiterates intention of military action against Syria

The United States, France and Britain Friday night in the UN Security council again called for military action against Syria.

The three countries are considering military action against Syria after last week dozens of people were killed in the town of Douma. According to the West used the forces of president Bashar al-Assad in addition to chemical weapons, ally Russia called that nonsense.

In the UN Security council on Friday evening, about this for the fourth time this week speaking during a meeting that Russia was convened. The American UN ambassador Nikki Haley reiterated the U.s. intention to decisively respond to the alleged gas attack.

‘At a certain point you have to do something. You must say that enough is enough, ” she said. According to her, has Assad since the beginning of the civil war in his country was already at least fifty times chemical weapons will be deployed. ‘President Trump has no final decision taken, but if we don’t act against the use of poison gas, at the expense of the whole human race.”

International law

France also maintains that a response against Syria is necessary. “The United Nations can not allow the international right so infringed. France will take responsibility, ” said French UN ambassador François Delattre.

The Syrian ambassador to the UN, stated in the meeting means that each attack will have an impact. ‘Should an attack come from the West, then we have no other choice than to defend ourselves, ” said Bashar al-Jaafari.

Regime overthrow

The Russian UN ambassador Vasilly Nebenzja accused the Americans of than of deliberate terror to want to fight in Syria. “The West is interested only in the overthrow of the Syrian government,” he said.

The spoedzitting of the Security council was chaired by UN secretary-general António Guterres. “The Syrian people are suffering already for eight years. I fall in repetition, but there is no military solution to this conflict, ” he said.

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