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Vandoorne over wheel incident: “Suddenly, I felt that something was wrong,”

The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne drove during the second training session for the GP of China suddenly in the spotlight, though not in a way that he had, for suddenly he was, after all, along the side of the track with a loose wheel.

“It was not the most smooth Friday for us,” begins Vandoorne are looking back at the two practice sessions on Friday in China. “We had problems during the first training session and the second training session was not perfect by a problem during the pit stop.”

“I had during the afternoon, however, more confidence in the car. Overall, we have learned a lot and was the second training session a much better session. The most positive today, was, just like during the past raceweekends, that our racesnelheid is very promising. In terms of the qualification we have quite a bit of work to do.”

“However, there is still a lot possible. The weather looks a bit tricky out tomorrow and there are still some possibilities in the field of the tyres,” said Vandoorne. “We are prepared and we know what we want for the race. Would put us in a strong position. The wind was a bit tricky today but generally we have seen no major problems.”

On that issue after the pit stop in the second training session after. It was Vandoorne just after a pitstop with a loose wheel again to the track sent to. Vandoorne had to then his car along the side of the track parking.

“After the pit stop I left the pit box and I didn’t feel immediately that iet was wrong. It was only when I left focusing in the third turn, I felt, what. When I looked in the mirror I saw that the wheel to the right at the back loosely. I parked then also take the precaution of immediately the car. We are currently investigating what is wrong walked. It is still too early to say.”

“Pit stops are part of the Formula 1 and that will I think always remain so. Of course, it is not the incidents in Bahrain saw. We already have several cars to the side parking and it is certainly not something that we would like to see it happen, but occasionally it happens,” decided Vandoorne.

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