Van der Zee remains KNVB-director amateurtak

Jan Dirk van der Zee also acts over the next three years as a director-director of the section of amateur football within the KNVB.

Jan Dirk van der Zee (r) goes through to the KNVB.

The board of trustees (amateur) of the football federation Of the Sea, which since april 2015 the daily management of the amateur, reappointed in his function.
“Jan Dirk gives a lot of energy and direction to the improvements that we have in mind”, says Pier Eringa, chairman of the supervisory board. “He combines a clear vision and an open attitude. With all the plans, challenges and ideas that we have as the KNVB makes him that for us to be the ideal person to our amateur clubs in the coming years.”

Van der Zee is happy with the trust. “That feeds me if voetbalman the ambition to continue. I find it very fun to do, deep in football the future of football work. Ensure that there is, for example, every week can be played.”

A director a director of the KNVB appointed for a period of three years. Then, re-appointment a maximum of three times made.

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