Val Simon Cowell was a wake-up call

Fall down the stairs caused a huge change from his normal activities.

Simon Cowell has his lifestyle to be rigorously changed after he in October of the stairs had fallen and in the hospital. The accident has ensured that he is now a lot quieter.

“In one way or another, it was a wake-upcall,” says Cowell in an interview with the British ITV programme Lorraine. “It was not the end of the world, but it is a little embarrassing.”

In the hospital he is being extensively researched. There were scans and x-rays taken of his head and spine, but there was nothing. “If I’m honest, I was probably overtired,” he says. “I feel a lot better this year.” The X Factor judge has since a step teruggedaan. “Not so many meetings, not so many appointments late in the evening. A little more in balance.”

Previously said the 58-year-old Cowell that he of the stairs had fallen because he was dizzy, was due to low blood pressure.

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