Unrest in India after rape children

MUMBAI – In India, the tempers incurred by two verkrachtingszaken. One of the victims is an eight-year-old girl by several men was kidnapped, raped and murdered in the northern state of Jammu and Kashmir.

A protest against rape in India. (archive view)

The moslimmeisje was part of a nomadic tribe. The police have eight suspects were arrested. Among them are a former regeringsmedewerker and four police officers. The BBC reported that all the suspects are hindus. Nationalist groups of hindus are furious about the arrests. They have more action conducted before a court in Jammu and Kashmir.

In another case, a member of parliament of the ruling nationalist hindoepartij BJP in the closely touched. He is suspected of the kidnap and rape of a strange girl in the northern state of Utter Pradesh nine months ago. The police made no work of the investigation of the rape, causing a storm of protest began. The authorities have the matter now in the hands of the Indian recherchedienst CVI.

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