Trump is furious about the book FBI boss Comey

WASHINGTON – Donald Trump has Friday furiously responded to revelations from the new book by former FBI-director James Comey. Which compares the approach of the American president with that of a mafia boss. Comey describes the president as unethical and not tied to truth, and institutional values.

James Comey accuses Donald Trump of the White House to lead as a mafia boss.

Trump was ranting in his usual series of ochtendtweets. “James Comey is a proven GOOD & LIAR. Virtually everyone in Washington felt that he had to be fired for the poor work he did. He was leaking CONFIDENTIAL information, for which he should be prosecuted. He lied to Congress under OATH”, fumes Trump on Twitter. “He is a weak and unreliable slijmbal.”

The FBI director was in may last year by Trump fired. The dismissal led to the setting up of special investigator Robert Mueller, that the interference of Russia in the U.s. presidential election of 2016 will be explored.


Comey says in the book A Higher Loyalty how the president during a dinner loyalty to him demanded. The encounters made him think about his earlier career as a prosecutor against the mafia, he told The Washington Post. “The boss has complete control. The oath of allegiance. The we-against-they-world. The lie about all matters, large and small, as a result of a loyaliteitscode that the organization is above all morality and truth.”

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