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“The McLaren F1 team is not as good as that it itself claims to be”

According to Red Bull-motorsportbaas Helmut Marko is McLaren aren’t very good in the build of an F1 chassis as that it itself claims.

Last year was the McLaren F1 team again a very disappointing F1 season. The car with which Fernando Alonso and our fellow countryman, Stoffel Vandoorne reason was not competitive enough and therefore referred McLaren mainly to Honda.

The engine of the Japanese was not strong enough and McLaren pulled out several times that it is a very good chassis had but that the Honda engine a lot of its potential away took.

According to Red Bull-motorsportbaas Helmut Marko show the results of the first two races, however, that McLaren not as good a chassis as well as that the self is always claims. Despite the switch to the Renault engine still can not in front of this triad.

In Bahrain knew Toro Rosso the b-team of Red Bull, with the Honda engine in the back its F1-bolide fourth to finish, something which McLaren during her three seasons with the Honda engine not even close.

“Mr Alonso wanted the Red Bull attacks, but he was still behind the Toro Rosso,” said Helmut Marko, as opposed to ‘Auto Motor und Sport’. “The McLaren may not be so great, it was not only the Honda engine them last year so slow. They belong with the Renault motor, also still to the traagsten on the straights.”

According to Helmut Marko, McLaren has at the end of last year, the wrong choice will be made by Honda to dump and move to Renault as motorleverancier.

“They have an engine lost that get better and better, they also have a lot of money spent.”

It is a fact that the Honda engine still seems better to perform and also in terms of the reliability, much progress has been booked.

Still, our fellow countryman, Stoffel Vandoorne convinced that Red Bull for McLaren the benchmark is.

“Which motor is in your car, you stand in the Formula 1 under constant pressure,” said Vandoorne. “We have clear Red Bull cited as our reference point, it is only logical that, with them, we can be compared.”

“We are, however, just the beginning of the season. We must also wait on new parts before we can know where we exactly are in front of the other teams.”

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