Susan Sarandon says Facebook farewell

Following In the footsteps of a number of other American stars such as Jim Carrey, Cher, Will Ferrell and Rosie O’donnell, now says it Susan Sarandon her Facebook account. The actress and activist showed via Twitter know to say goodbye to the social medium.

“I have to leave Facebook. Censorship is a weapon that people use news want to hide from themselves and others. Their only fear is their powerlessness to face it, instead of what the real truth is. I have compassion for these people. Somewhere in their upbringing, it is wrong and they have never learned what is the reason of our existence. They have only learned one side to look, where there are many roads to the truth lead.”

With this quote of Charles Bukowski, a famous American writer, joined Sarandon as her stay on Facebook. On Twitter got the actress here and there criticism of her action. “Very important, Susan, you have to Trump voted, so find the good from john!” Still, she got applause from the people which is also ready with Facebook: “Better late than never, Susan! Welcome to the club!”

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