Russian court allows communication app Telegram block

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A court in Moscow last Friday, it decided that the communication app Telegram in Russia should be blocked. The decision will immediately be carried out.

The court took that decision because Telegram refuses the calls of its users are free to give to the Russian intelligence service FSB. The telecom regulator Roskomnadzor, in which the case was filed, had previously been informed that a decision of the court ‘immediately’ would be carried out.

Telegram is a communication service that was established by the Russian Pavel Doerov. The messages that are sent through that program are encrypted, so the intelligence services can’t read. Therefore, to create criminal organizations sometimes use of that application.

Code release

The Russian authorities had on march 20, claimed that the code the sent messages deciphered, would be released. Telegram, however, refused to go into that question.

Doerov declared on Twitter that he was the freedoms of its users want to protect. The lawyer of the company said that it is practically not possible to respond to the demand of the Russian government. He said that the encryption in a very complex way, making the communication itself does not have access to all messages.

‘Mock trial’

There were Friday, no representatives of Telegram to be present during the session. The communication service had already made it clear not to want to participate in a ‘mock trial’. According to their lawyer shows the decision again that the Russian court in the interests of the powers that be should’.

However, attracted a group of young activists to the office of the telecoms regulator Roskomnadzor in St. Petersburg, where they have hundreds of paper airplanes were, the symbol of the application.

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