‘Russia has to prove that London’s poison gas attack in scene has set

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The Russian minister for Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov claims with irrefutable evidence, to have that British secret agents in Russia do take the blame for the poison gas attack in Syria.

“The suspected chemical attack in the Syrian town of Douma has been staged by the secret agents of another western country’, said Lavrov during an interview with the Russian press. “We have irrefutable evidence that that other country us has discussed.’ Lavrov spoke of a ” motif full of russofobie’ and of a ‘sophisticated campaign against Moscow. He added that secret agents from London ‘certainly participated in the mise-en-scene’, and that prove for.

‘Moreover, we report that Russia, despite everything, is still open for a dialogue”, he added laconically.

‘Brace yourself, Russia

After a poison gas attack, which, according to both the French and the Americans by the regime of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad was performed, showed the American president Donald Trump know that he was very upset by the veto of Russia to an independent investigative team to the rampplek to send. ‘Russia says that all the missiles that Syria be fired, knocking down, ” she said on Twitter. ‘Brace yourself, Russia, because they will come, that missiles. And they are nice and new and “smart”. You should but no ally of a Gas is Killing Animal (beast with the gas kills, red.) who are people to kill and enjoy it!’

An actual missile strike from the United States, however, has not yet come. Lavrov stressed on Friday that Russia would prefer diplomatic methods’ would be to use the conflict with the US to de-mine than a rakettenregen. “We call upon Washington to be with us to talk without ultimatums or threats,” he said.


Notable: one of the main reasons to quickly come up with a solution in the nest Syria is, according to Lavrov the migration. “Think the West do? If they have more interventions, we get new waves of migrants. There are neither we, nor our European partners are waiting for you.’

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