Roddeloverzicht: Gordon threatens with a knife and Manuel goes strange with actress’

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Gordon used a knife in a quarrel, Khloé Kardashian, cheated and given birth, and Manuel Venderbos love affair after. An overview of the entertainment business last week.

A board the air by, a curse to many a door too hard dichtslaat: in the heat of the moment though, once your anger has something to violently express themselves. An argument that is out of hand is uncomfortable and you apologize afterwards even worse, but in order to keep the relationship it is always the best such things immediately.

It can be so will drag otherwise, and that you should not want to. Before you know it you are standing opposite each other in the courtroom. Gordon may be about to discuss: the singer found himself this week in front of a judge, to whom exactly he had to explain what the hell had happened between him and his ‘ex’ Kevin.

Gordon said in February proud on social media that he is now the right had been found and that all would be well with his love life. In less than 24 hours the fairy tale shattered to see that fall. Because Kevin turned out to be not half as in love with when Gordon thought he was.

Kevin kept there according to fans of the singer’s multiple affairs after, troggelde money off at some of these ‘partners’, and was absolutely not suitable for Gordon. Shocked was the singer, but Kevin as well. He himself had never had the feeling that they have a relationship, and now he saw everywhere all of a sudden, they are happy together. How was that?

The gentlemen came there with the two of us, and so it had to be there in the court in Lelystad, the netherlands spoken by lawyers and decided by a judge. And there had been violent details to the outside. More details than there is in Gordons book were.

The singer would be threatened with a knife during a quarrel. Kevin would examenfraude have committed, and Gordon would be stalked. The judge heard it and asked the lord for still agree to try this together. That didn’t help.

On april 23, we hear from the court what it is: a contactverbod Gordon, Kevin never allowed to approach it? Or a corrigendum, so that Gordon’s good name is restored?


Khloé Kardashian has not easily had: the realityster married in 2009 with Lamar Odom, and from that moment on, it was really only about the huge bucket of misery that she herself received. Lamar proved to be not so close to taking the marriage vows, and even a bigger problem with drugs and alcohol.

In 2013, she asked, therefore, for a separation. She was ready with all the stories, rumors and lies, and wanted by with her life. It took years for the separation finally came: Lamar was in 2015 was rushed to the hospital due to an overdose while he paid a visit to a brothel. The divorce papers were finally in 2016, only signed.

Just in time, because Khloé was already in love with someone else. Once again, a basketball player, because if the wrong the first time, try it just one more time? Tristan Thompson seemed different, however: the two told apart from each other about their love and all seemed well.

However, it all started a little strange, that love. Tristan would according to sources, even together with Jordan Craig, at the time that he was with Khloé. In fact: Jordan gave birth in december 2016 of their son, two months after Tristan are in love with Khloé confirmed.

Khloé and Tristan announced, a year after the birth of the basketball players first child, in december 2017, they had a child. The rumors of the pregnancy went for months. Just like the rumors that Tristan again, what affairs would hold.

Karma, called some of the fans, then this week, images were published of the basketball player, who was very nice and had a strippende bardame. Although the woman in question, her clothing on the video that was made in a hotel lobby still had, there appeared a moment later, images on social media where they both have nothing more to had.

Khloé would, according to some fans, have earned that they, while she turns up very pregnant, is deceived by Tristan. “As you are, you come of,” said the Instagramvolgers.

Khloé would allegedly so shocked by all the images and rumors, spontaneously, the contractions started. And it so happened that her first child the same week it was born as her relationship saw falter.

The realityster would destroy the fraud, but also already prepared the Tristan all to forgive. Would, for she has still not responded to all the stories. Really long it can’t last for we really know what they will find: the Kardashian-sisters are known to be social media only temporarily to be able to specify.


Not only in the United States, people have difficulty with monogamy continue: also in the Netherlands it is complicated to have one partner to keep.

Private took this week off with an exposé about the alleged affair of former EO-presenter Manuel Venderbos. More than fourteen years, he is married to Suzanne, but the magazine photographed him with a “sexy actress” Spring Voorhoeve.

According to insiders would be Manuel, and Spring has been a long time intimate with each other, without his wife there is something of know. Neighbors of the actress thought Manuel just her friend, not knowing that it actually went to a well-Known Dutchman with a marriage.

Really very good at keeping their secret, the two are not. So they were already several times seen together at her house, but they visited together an event and were very snug seen during the premiére of Fifty Shades Freed.

Private knows for sure: if Suzanne is their story under the eyes, they got started to doubt their marriage. Manuel had all day nothing to know, until he in the evening a statement caused to be read during RTL Boulevard.

“This is a beaten sensatieverhaal. Crazy that this just can. The people involved know the real story. I feel not the need to respond to this ‘kwaliteitsblad'”, says Manuel.

A sensatieverhaal so, but why does Manuel us not just how it really is? Why he walks hand in hand with Spring and thinking about her neighbors that he is her friend? We will never know. Unless Spring feels called to explain?

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