Premier League clubs vote unanimously against the introduction of video-arbitrator

The clubs from the Premier League will have Friday voted unanimously against the introduction of the videoscheidsrechter in the coming season.

“The clubs are agreed that we are in the season 2018/2019 continue to test with the videoscheidsrechter”, reports the Premier League in a statement.

The new technology this season is already being tested in the various English bekertoernooien and that caused a lot of controversy and confusion for supporters.

Thus, at the end of February, two goals from Tottenham Hotspur in the FA Cup match with Rochdale still rejected after the intervention of the video-arbitrator (VAR), which, for the amazement caused by fans and analysts. There was particular annoyance about how long it took before a decision was taken and the lack of explanation about the decision.

The Premier League clubs want to now that next season in FA Cup and League Cup competitions tested the videoscheidsrechter. “As a result, the system should be better, especially for what concerns the communication with the spectators in the stadium and all the television viewers.”

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The Premier League is so against the trend in European professional football, as more and more leagues and federations entering the VAR.

So is next season a videoscheidsrechter in the Premier league, the highest class in Belgium and in the top two divisions in Spain. VAR will, in addition, next summer, make its debut at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia.

The Italian Serie A and the German Bundesliga are already using an arbitrator that the duel through a screen, follow these steps.

The UEFA is just like the Premier League less enthusiastic, because there will be next season in the Champions League still no use be made of videoscheidsrechters.

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