Peyton Place-actor Tim O’connor (90) has died

87d366e542245c482bc46434152e6988 - Peyton Place-actor Tim O'connor (90) has died

Actor Tim O’connor is on 5 april at the age of 90 died. This news made The Hollywood Reporter Thursday known.

O’connor was especially known thanks to his role as pater familias Elliot Carson in more than four hundred episodes of the popular sixties-soap series Peyton Place. The first long-running soap in the Us tv history in the Netherlands it was broadcast by the AVRO.

The career of the actor spans more than half a century and more than a hundred films and television series. Except in Peyton Place, played, O’connor also in well known programs like Buck Rogers, General Hospital, Columbo, Dynasty, The Twilight Zone and All in the Family.

Among his best-known film work belongs to Star Trek: The Next Generation (1992) and The Naked Gun 2,5 (1991), in which he was a villain played.

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