Musical Titanic is sinking ship

Southampton – The musical Titanic is a ship to pursue: on the opening night were falling pieces of rubble from the ceiling on the stage. The Mayflower Theatre in Southampton is closed immediately.

Musical Titanic is by fate getrofen

According to the BBC, have different spectators parts down during the scene that the ship, the iceberg would hit. Officially called the the show is broken down to ’health and safety reasons’.

According to a spokesman of the theatre, there is ’no systemic problem’. Therefore, there is tonight a new show.

Witness Claire Cleaver says that she initially thought that the falling rubble at the show heard. “It was ironic that in the musical first time the ship sank, and then the whole musical sank.”

According to the theater, nobody is injured.

The real Titanic sank in 1912, when the ship on its first voyage from England to America in an iceberg collided. 1522 of the 2223 passengers and crew members came to life.

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