Month prison for riding Lioness

The scooterrijder that on 30 June last year defender Ramon Leeuwin of FC Utrecht aanreed, four weeks prison. The nineteen-year-old offender should also be 4100 euro payment to Lioness for tangible and intangible costs. The thirty years ‘ Amsterdammer suffered a concussion, ruptured eardrum and some heavy bruises in the collision.

Ramon Leeuwin is brought to the hospital

Lioness was hit when he after a workout, a sports Zoudenbalch in Utrecht, and left. The boy on the scooter lying on the road, slowed down not between the pedestrians and drove head-on into Lioness, according to witnesses, with a speed of 50 kilometers per hour.

The offender tried to flee, but was after a short chase standing held by players and supporters of Utrecht and handed over to the police. In combination with his criminal record, the judge found an unconditional prison sentence of four weeks in place.

Lioness had about six weeks to heal, and missed it the first European qualifier of FC Utrecht.

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