Legacy French rock star Johnny Hallyday frozen

A French court has nearly the whole of the legacy of the French rock star Johnny Hallyday (1943-2017) Friday frozen.

The survivors are arguing about the allocation. The 42-year-old widow of the pop singer, Laeticia, is in a legal conflict becomes involved with the children from previous relationships of Hallyday, David Hallyday (51) and Laura Smet (34).

The children demanded the freezing of the inheritance and received it that Friday. But they caught according to French media bone with their claim on the from to give music Hallyday. The court dismissed their claim to the artistic rights on this album work of the French pop star.

Hallyday has in 2014 in California, a will is drawn up. Thus he allegedly all after to Laeticia, and their two younger adopted children Jade and Joy. David Hallyday and Laura Smet combat the validity of that testament. It is possible to have an inheritance with a value of 100 million euros.

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