’Khloé wants, as quickly as possible back to LA’

The birth of Khloé Kardashians baby is the news of the day in America, but especially about is speculation is how it is now with the mother and father Tristan Thompson. Tristan would have his pregnant girlfriend earlier this week have deceived, which is hard arrived at the realityster.

Among others, People Magazine and Entertainment Tonight claim that they will return as soon as possible to travel to her home base in Los Angeles, as soon as the baby is ready.

Khloé wanted her baby to grow in Cleveland, where she lives with Thompson, who is under contract with the NBA team Cleveland Cavaliers. After all what happened last week occurred, it seems that scenario is further away than ever.

Strong women

“Kris and the rest of the family want Khloé as quickly as possible back home. And that’s where the new mother was also very much needed,” said a source. “It is a family with many strong women, all of which are ready for Khloé and her baby.”

Other American media claim that the realityster so in the clouds with her daughter, that they Tristan are slip already has forgiven. “Her baby is healthy and that is the only thing that counts for her. The rest is of secondary importance, so also the behavior of her friend. It is not in proportion to the great good fortune of her now, in part,” claims an insider.

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