Kemna refers to actors who are stressed to tapes to (their) counselor

Kemna Casting is not aware of the existence of recordings of the auditions where Job Gosschalk and other castingdirectors sexually inappropriate things actors would have asked.

That leaves a spokesman Friday know in response to messages about New Revu on social media. “We do not know of the existence of these tapes and call everyone that does so, or afraid, to report to our counsellor,” said the zegsvrouw. The company stresses that it does not know what Job outside of the office has done. It is known that Gosschalk also starring in his farm in Friesland received.

Nieuwe Revu published earlier this week, a major reconstruction about the affair Gosschalk. From conversations with dozens of unnamed actors came under more and more evident that some people are afraid that the recordings would circulate of sexually inappropriate contact that the old-castingdirector with them. Editor-in-chief Jonathan Ursem, who on Twitter reported the alleged tapes, let request know that the magazine is working on a new publication about the case.

Vice squad

Lawyer Richard Korver, a number of victims of Gosschalk represents, calls people who know of the existence of the tapes with clip on sign in at the vice instead of at the counselor Kemna.

The Amsterdam police is doing a five month investigation into the affair Gosschalk-Kemna. The team will leave through a spokesman to know that “the investigation is still in full swing.” The police calls people that are still declaration to want to do of potentially sexually inappropriate behavior by Gosschalk, or other castingdirector on to report. A spokesman would not elaborate on the question or the possible existence of the castingtapes part of the research.

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