Justice, examines attorney Cohen for months

NEW YORK – Michael Cohen, the personal lawyer of the American president Donald Trump, is months subject of a judicial inquiry. That research focuses on his “own business” and not on his work as a lawyer for Trump.

Michael Cohen, US President

That is stated in documents that the federal prosecutor in New York Friday, has been submitted. Cohen tried Friday for the court to prevent his stuff being investigated by the FBI. The right hand is doing over there probably Monday a ruling on. The lawyer is suspected of possible bankfraude and irregularities with campagnefinanciën.

Cohen recently came in the spotlight when it became known that he was right for the election of 2016 the American porno Stormy Daniels 130.000 dollar zwijggeld had paid. They claimed in 2006 a time to have sex with Trump, when his wife Melania had just given birth to their son, Barron.

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