Janice Dickinson tells in court about rape by Bill Cosby

Former top model Janice Dickinson last Thursday, under oath, declared to have been abused by Bill Cosby. She is the fourth woman in the court case is heard.

That report several Us media, including CNN. In her testimony tells Dickinson (63) that in 1982, Cosby was flown to Lake Tahoe, where the former comedian a hotel room rented. The former top model let slip that she suffered from menstrual cramps, to which Cosby said he had a pill for it.

After the pill had taken, began to Dickinson light in the head to feel. Cosby climbed then on top of her. “He smelled of cigars, espresso and body odor,” says Dickinson. “I fainted after he’s with me rushed in. It was awful.”

When she again awoke, it was her pajamas unbuttoned. She confronted Cosby after that and said that she was “a slap in the face to give”. “If you want to explain what happened last night happened, because that was not fun,” Dickinson against the Cosby Showactor have said.

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Dickinson shared her experience with Cosby for the first time in her autobiography Lifeguard on Duty: The Accidental Life of the World’s First Supermodel, but this was not explicitly stated that the rape was. Tom Mesereau, the lawyer of Cosby, asked Dickinson during her testimony why they have this in the book from 2002 has been omitted. “I was not under oath when I made that book wrote,” says Dickinson.

Heidi Thomas, Chelan Lasha, and Janice Baker-Kinney, the three women who Dickinson in the misbruikzaak are answered. They also stated first to have been drugged by Cosby and then to be raped.

Life sentence

At the beginning of april were twelve new members of the jury chosen that the coming time will address the question whether Cosby is guilty of drugging and abuse of Andrea Constant in 2002. She is one of the dozens of women that Cosby over the past few years have been accused of sexual abuse. Most of these cases are, however, barred.

The lawyers of the 80-year-old Cosby have in the run-up to the case, successfully argued for more witnesses against the comedian on the call, that the case of Constant support. In addition to Constant are that five other women, among whom were Dickinson. Also the team of Cosby in the new case more cards in their hands: he may be a previously denied witness calls and proof that Constant money of accepted him to include in the defense.

If found guilty, will the once-popular The Cosby Showstar, probably the rest of his life in the jail. On each of the three charges of serious sexual assault is a prison sentence of up to ten years.

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