Hundreds injured in protests Palestinians

GAZA CITY – For new massive protests on the border between the Gaza strip and Israel on Friday, more than five hundred Palestinians injured. An estimated 10,000 Palestinians participated in the demonstration.

They threw stones and burned tires and Israeli flags. According to the Israeli army threw them with firebombs and an explosive device. Israeli soldiers opened fire on the crowd and used tear gas. At least one hundred activists were bullet wounds. One of the tents where the wounded were cared for, was hit by a traangasgranaat.

Flocking to the border

It was the third Friday that Palestinians flocking to the border regions. Since the demonstrations two weeks ago, began his thirty Palestinians were shot dead and hundreds others injured. Israel has a gebiedsverbod promulgated in the near of the fence, and put snipers in.

Palestinian protesters started at the initiative of the radical islamic Hamas with the protests, on the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of the foundation of the state of Israel. The protesters have tents set up to a few hundred meters from the border with the intention of six weeks.

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