French court freezes legacy of Johnny Hallyday

A court in Nanterre, near Paris, Friday, in the conflict around the legacy of Johnny Hallyday, the legacy of the French-Belgian oerrocker frozen.

The survivors of the december death Hallyday have argued about the distribution of the inheritance, which tens of millions of euro would be worth. The 42-year-old widow of the pop singer, Laeticia, is contrary to the two children from earlier relationships of Hallyday, David Hallyday and Laura Smet.

In California, prepared testament, Johnny Hallyday, to the civil registry office known as Jean-Philippe Smet, all his possessions and rights as the artist was left to his last wife, Laeticia, and their two adopted daughters. Which Us state allows an inheritance to wish to distribute.

According to David Hallyday and Laura Smet sin this testament, however, against the French law, which disinherit allows. The two want that only a quarter of the assets of the of cancer death rocker, to his widow, and that the four children each 18,75 percent.

Months of procedure

David Hallyday and Laura Smet thinking, according to radio station France Info that their father was his will, under pressure, or the consequences thereof could not understand.

By the judgment may widow Laeticia real estate of Johnny Hallyday in France won’t sell, or dispose of it.

The freezing of the property and artistic rights will remain in force until the parties agree or until a court decides who to eliminate. There is now a proceeding about the legality of it in California-drafted last will and testament. That procedure may take months, even years.

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