Fear of muslims slows down verkrachtingszaak eight-year-old child

An eight-year-old is kidnapped, five days raped and the skull smashed. Hindoeadvocaten impede the course of justice. Former Indian prime minister mr manmohan Singh warns that the country will slip off.

India has been confronted with a startling verkrachtingszaak. This victim, the international animated film association Bano, was 8 years old and muslim. But the perpetrators are hindu and that complicates the process.

A girl from a moslimfamilie was in the province of Kashmir and Jammu, which is in dispute between India and Pakistan, kidnapped. According to the Indian police service, she was five days sedated and held hostage in a small hindu temple, where a group of men under the leadership of tempelbewaker Sanji Ram raped her and eventually killed. Ram would also be four local police officers have bribed to participate. He had a problem with the growing presence of the Bakerwals, the nomadic moslimstam where Bano belonged. He wanted to through Bano, the group deter you.

When the police on Monday the dossier to the public prosecutor wanted to submit, barred a group of at least 40 hindoenationalistische lawyers and political activists, the access to the courthouse. They did not want that the matter was handled. Meanwhile, the regional desk of the lawyers stated that the court ” is not enough to take into account the feelings of people’ and that the case to another court.

Extreme right-wing hindoenationalisten of prime minister Modi’s BJP party, which is also in Kashmir are active, see muslims as ‘invaders’ and enemies. Even though they are in previous verkrachtingszaken severe punishment wanted (and even the death penalty for a minor), they seem to be now willing to take to protect offenders. BJP-mp Nandkumar Chauhan did the case even as a conspiracy by Pakistan. BJP prime minister Modi has, since Monday is not pronounced. “There is a deafening silence, both on politicians and on the street,” said commentator Adrija Bose on News18. “We have a child abandoned, that probably still didn’t know what religion was.’


Human rights organization Human Rights Watch responded, taken aback.‘How there may be conflicting feelings about the murder of a child?’, says the ngo in a press statement. “Local authorities try to often powerful to protect offenders.’

Ex-prime minister mr manmohan Singh (congress party) kept a remarkable, alarming speech. ‘Crimes against minorities and lower castes. That can only our democracy harm. We have this distributive politics reject.’

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