Father hurls baby from roof

b253267ee84941e7420d20b61f44e66d - Father hurls baby from roof

KWADWESI – A 38-year-old South African father and his daughter from a year of a roof thrown. The man protested against the demolition of his house, then he threatened the baby something to do. The police decided, however, to take risks.

While an agent tried to the man from the roof to talk, were six policemen ready to take the baby to catch it, should it go wrong.

According to various media by the South African during the rescue, by other protesters on the street are encouraged to throw. On images is to see that the agent is getting closer and closer to the man, which he chooses to take the child to her feet in the air to swing.

The girl was miraculously caught by an alert agent. She is not injured. Her father was taken away by the cops for attempting to murder.

The house, consisting of corrugated plates, was illegally parked, just like about ninety other houses in the Joe Slovo township. Certainly 150 inhabitants rebelled against the demolition, as were roads blocked with burning tyres and garbage. In vain, because the houses were the same day still destroyed.

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