Far fewer migrants arrived in Italy

WARSAW – In Italy are less illegal migrants through the Mediterranean Sea than last year. In march, there were a small 1400 , almost 90 percent less than in march 2017. In the first three months of this year, there were about 6600, a decline of three quarters compared with a year earlier.

The European border agency Frontex reported that, without an explanation for the decline. In a quarter of the cases involved Eritreeërs, with Tunisians as a second group.

Increase In Greece

In Greece came in the first three months of this year, more than 7900 migrants, an increase of a third compared with a year earlier. The increase is mainly by people who have land from Turkey came. It went especially to Syrians and Iraqis.

In Spain came in the first quarter of 3400 people illegally via sea, similar to last year. Here was, above all Moroccans, followed by people from Guinea and Mali.

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