Emissions of sea-going vessels with only half down

The emissions of greenhouse gases through the global maritime shipping needs in 2050 by at least 50 percent compared to 2008. That is the outcome of lengthy negotiations at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London, part of the United Nations.

The agreement was supported by 173 countries, however, the United States, Russia and Saudi Arabia. It was further more agreed that there will be more energy efficient new ships built will be.

The shipping industry was the only industry that was not part of the climate deal in Paris, but is an important source of emissions. Many vessels use heavy fuel oil, one of the most polluting fossil fuels.

The Belgian government argued in London for a completely CO2-free shipping by 2050. The European Union had deployed a reduction of at least seventy percent. So high is the bar so not to lie. Especially emerging markets like China, Russia, Brazil, India and Saudi Arabia stood on the brake.

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