Defender Kluivert: ‘Love of good hoeing’

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Ruben Kluivert (17) has his choice at FC Utrecht. “I also could go to Vitesse,” says the youngest son from the first marriage of Patrick Kluivert. “But ultimately gave the good training of FC Utrecht and the fact that many teammates of AFC also go to the final.”

Ruben and Justin Kluivert

Ruben is a strange duck in the bite, a contrary Kluivert. Where his father, Patrick created a furore as a striker and ’attacks’ with his brothers Justin (Ajax), Quincy (Jong Vitesse) and Shane (FC Barcelona-youth) also in the genes, he has a preference for defending. “I’m the only one in the family with 3 on my back,” laughs the player, which fits in with FC Utrecht under 19.

The smallest

“From childhood I loved to fuck to hoe,” said Kluivert junior. “I was the smallest and found it a challenge to get the ball from Quincy and Justin to get it,” he says, and then Justin in the conversation and breaks. “That was him in the past, but not now…”

That utrecht residents are generally not as citizens of Amsterdam in general and Players in particular have, for Reuben, no objections. “Of course, my dad has an Ajax past. He immediately said: ’I’m behind you. What you want, I want’. That is beautiful,” says Ruben, who is looking forward to his transition. “I’m going to focus, trying FC Utrecht 1 pick and a contract to enforce.”

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