Daughter of Orson Welles calls for screening of “The Other Side of The Wind” in Cannes

b964864c93508534c4c79ecbc849530a - Daughter of Orson Welles calls for screening of "The Other Side of The Wind" in Cannes

Beatrice Welles, the daughter of the famous American film director Orson Welles, in an e-mail to Netflix-ceo Ted Sarandos urged to an unfinished film of her father still have yet to show at the Cannes film festival. By a dispute between the streaming service and the organization of the film festival is “The Other Side of The Wind” is not played in Cannes, reports the magazine Vanity Fair.

Orson Welles turned “The Other Side of The Wind” between 1970 and 1976, but the movie ended up not finishing a fight with the main financier of the project, the brother-in-law of the former Shah of Iran. Netflix bought last year the rights to the last film of Orson Welles to make the film still work. The streamingbedrijf worked even together with one of the producers who had already worked on the film came.

That it was a dispute with the Cannes film festival, to ensure that the film is not on the white cloth appears, is called the daughter of the director of shocking. “I have seen how large-scale production facilities the life of my father, acid made his career break made. I would awful find out if Netflix movie my father would not want to show.”

According to insiders would Sarandos have replied to the e-mail of Welles, but he has finally decided to all of Netflix movies – including the film of Orson Welles – to withdraw from the festival.

The Cannes film festival takes place this year from 8 to 19 may.

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