Daughter begs Netflix for movie Orson Welles to show in Cannes

Beatrice Welles, the daughter of actor and director Orson Welles, has weighed in on the argument between Netflix and the festival of Cannes. Netflix pulled earlier this week, the two potential candidates for Cannes back because the media do not agree with is that movies for tv is not in competition for the Golden Palm are allowed to participate.

The Third Man, Orson Welles

One of the two projects that was submitted is The Other Side of the Wind, the unfinished last film of Welles. Netflix has ensured that the project from 1985 still could be completed.

Vanity Fair has a part of an urgent letter published that Beatrice Welles has sent to Netflix boss Ted Sarandos in order for the decision the film is not for Cannes available to rethink. “I have to be here on behalf of my father insist on,” said the daughter. “Large manufacturing companies have to him his whole life bothered. I would hate it if Netflix is now in that list would add.”


She recalls that the Cannes film festival and her father have a long history together. His film Othello won the 1952 grand prize in the then newly founded festival. Seven years later, he won His award for best actor for his film Compulsion. “Reconsider your decision, please”, begs Beatrice in the letter. “Let my father’s work, the bridge over the gap between Netflix and Cannes.”

The streaming service and the festival are already making a year long fight about the fact that tv movies are not allowed to participate in the competition for the Golden Palm. The rules of the festival require that candidates for the Golden Palm first in the cinema to see. Netflix boss Sarandos suggested earlier this week to be regretted that Cannes, the old distribution model, celebrates in place of the cinema.

Last days

The world-famous filmmaker began in the early seventies, with The Other Side of the Wind. The project was plagued by production problems and, when Welles, in 1985, died, the project was not ready. The film is a satire about the last days of a film maker and has multiple storylines that eventually come together. Among others, Dennis Hopper and John Huston in the comedy to see.

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