Chloe reveals denouement Temptation Island

Man man man, what was Thursday again, a strong episode of Temptation Island. At least three candidates end up with a seducer or seductress in bed or in the shower but the next few weeks to get the viewer even more of a spectacle. If the creators of Temptation Island in advance, a scenario writing, no one had dare to imagine what the next few weeks is on the way. It promises to be a sensational but especially sensual reunion to be and we’re not just about the reunion of the duo. The last campfire of this edition of Temptation Island is behind us and there was one for fingers and thumbs of licking. That it is a violently campfire would be for the women, made Annelien in advance clearly by giving them the message that “the boys unfortunately have not been idle”. The pronunciation of Annelien causes for unrest and a lot of questioning the women, Megan not wake up. She has long broken up with her Kevin.

During the previous campfires were Deborah and Tim a number of times as allerlaatsten their images because they are so painful but this time if the duo rush yards. Tim told at the campfire that he is not a second, not to his girlfriend has thought. Tim hopes that he will get another chance but the images of him and Cherish his in Deborah hard arrived. Tim and the rest of the men watch with great amazement at the images in which She cries out that she Tim hate. You know, the images last week were seen. Tim had hoped that Deborah would not collapse but that is so, however, happened. However, Tim has never regretted what happened between him and Cherish happened. He just has his heart and soul followed and hopes that he gets the chance to do that to Deborah to explain. Will Deborah and her Tim was still a chance after the new images that they Thursday night to see? Those images were for Deborah, again very heavy wan she heard Tim say that he will be next year with Cherish going to marry and Cherish it over the wedding ring that Deborah was intended. Tim showed himself yet again of his most loving side, but or the love Cherish really is, is questionable.

Kevin gets the giggles when he images of Megan with one of the leaders makes love. He has in his head already long broken up with Megan, but she also has him dumped. Kevin is no longer wake up of the images of Megan and even though she tries to the keeping up appearances, the images of Kevin for the camera sex with the temptress, Chloe, do its really quite something. “Now am weary, I have more of him, I found it to be really dirty,” laughs she. Megan tries, however, there is above and she is of the opinion that they are now the real Kevin gets to see it. “From the first campfire, I knew that there is no hope and that he would cheat. Then I thought: I’m with you for the first time in our relationship a step ahead.”

Jeremy has 14 heavy days behind and has not best amused at Temptation Island. He misses Vanessa huge and he is happy that he and Vanessa to the lie detector honest questions to see the answer. Jeremy realizes more than ever that he is a beautiful woman that is also a beautiful personality. Jeremy has in the past mistakes made but Vanessa realizes that Jeremy was well meant. She enjoys as she notices that Jeremy is otherwise up against the verleidsters. He looks at them, and let the seduction and that is what Vanessa wants. Even when Jeremy a question is unfair is found to answer, gives Vanessa Jeremy the benefit of the doubt. Vanessa feels relieved and sees a future in her relationship with Jeremy.

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