Charlize Theron: “We’re working on a sequel to “Atomic Blonde”

Despite the moderate performance of ‘Atomic Blonde’ would have a sequel come out on the spionagefilm with Charlize Theron. That has the actress revealed to entertainmentmagazine IndieWire.

The hype about ‘Atomic Blonde’, with Charlize Theron in the lead role, was quite big when last years was released. The spy-vechtsportspektakel had the launch of a new franchise for the actress. The film was, however, lukewarm reviews, and also at the box office continued the hoped-for massive success. The hope of a franchise seemed to be greatly shrunk. But maybe not, as it turns out now. “We are working on a sequel”, and showed the actress is yesterday and lost.

While the first film worldwide, a rather disappointing $ 100 million (81 million) brought in, it was not a total loss, given the relatively low production budget of $ 30 million or $ 24.3 million. Possible think the creators that they are with a second part, can do better.

How concrete the plans are already, it is not yet clear. It must be said that “work” in a film for quite a few different things it can mean. Possible is, at this moment there is just a story designed to see whether there is interest. Maybe there is already a script written and need only the contracts, and planning yet to be worked out. Anyway, it is still much too early to say whether ‘Atomic Blonde 2’, effectively, the daylight will see, it is in the American filmpers.

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