“Bill Cosby was like a father to me’

After previously under other Janice Dickinson, known as a judge of America’s Next Top Model, against Bill Cosby testified, it was now the turn of Maud Lise-Lotte Lublin. The woman explained in court as 23-year-old drunk to have conducted ’by someone they like a father figure to saw’. It is the fifth witness who claims to have been sexually abused by the once-beloved actor and comedian.

In 1989, met Maud Lise-Lotte and Bill together in a suite of a Hilton hotel, where he, her two now drink offered. According to the woman she was when a black-out, while they are a improvisatieles in acting from Coby got. “There was a purpose behind me ‘disabled’. I was so blurred, that I no longer knew what was happening. He commanded me between his knees to sit, and while I did that, was there something by me of ’why should I do this, what has this with improvisation lessons, along?” Then he started my head and my hair to caress. I did not understand why he to me was.”

Cosby had Maud Lise-Lotte just before still others are proposed as ’his daughter’, but made after the control loses abusing her, says the woman. “I had no more power to do something against to bring him in, I was completely of the world. The first that I can remember after I now got given, was that I woke up in a lobby of a hotel in Las Vegas. The lights seemed very bright and I didn’t understand how I might have arrived there.”

On the question whether Maud Lise-Lotte attracted felt to the comedian, she answered a firm ’no’. “With someone who is old enough to be my father, I want to not have sex. And I want all that he is to me. All in all it was a very unpleasant situation, where I have a very sad feeling to have left him.”

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