Belgium raises humanitarian budget for Congo

Minister of development Cooperation Alexander De Croo (Open VLD), the humanitarian budget for the Democratic Republic of Congo this year, from 17 million last year to 25 million.

That was announced by the minister on Friday in Geneva, where for the first time, a donors ‘ conference for the Central African country took place.

The humanitarian needs are enormous, but the Congolese authorities are not off to Switzerland in Kinshasa, it sounds that the seriousness of the situation was exaggerated. The Croo mention the Congolese absence ‘unbelievable’. “We will be the human suffering can only end if the Congolese leaders this crisis seriously,” he said in his speech.

With the increase, the government wants the international to give a signal, and other countries also require more effort to do. In addition, the increase also a new expression of the Belgian solidarity with the Congolese people.

Humanitarian emergency

More than 13 million Congolese are today in humanitarian emergency. With 4.5 million citizens on the flight in their own country has Congo the largest number of displaced persons on the continent, globally, only Syria is a step behind. The heavy violence in various regions is the major cause of the influx of refugees. There is concern for 7 million displaced persons by the end of this year, as the conflicts do not stabilize.

Except for the 25 million euro which goes directly to projects in the Congo, is also the indirect assistance will be increased. The Belgian contribution to the financing of humanitarian partner agencies and humanitarian donor funds are being raised to 90 million euros, an increase of 10 percent. All these organizations are in Congo is active.


In an interview with Jeune Afrique fired the Congolese minister of Foreign Affairs Thursday evening, a new shot across the bow, especially in the direction of Belgium. Ngos, the Belgian money assume, would be a prohibition to be in Congo to work.

The Croo turned his last word to the Congolese themselves. “Know that you are not alone, know that we, the international community and Belgium, on your side.’

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