Bassie & Adriaan-marathon

f7d745df0f820585914fa0a77bab3f18 - Bassie & Adriaan-marathon

On may 10, holding a cinema in Hilversum is a true “Bassie and Adriaan”-marathon. That day, fans can all of the episodes of the season, “The journey full of surprises” from 1994 in 1 ruk view in the presence of Aad van Toor (as Adriaan). Following is a tweet from 1 of our neighbors a few weeks ago, where he Netflix asked all of the episodes of the past has to offer. 3FM jumped immediately on the bandwagon and started a petition to Netflix to convince. For now, the streaming service still not convinced, but cinema VUE in Hilversum turn already a step in the right direction: on Ascension day, organizes the cinema a true “Bassie and Adriaan”-marathon.

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